Exhibition time: September 25-27, 2024
Exhibition venue: Jakarta International Expo Center.
Exhibition time: September 25-27, 2024
Exhibition venue: Jakarta International Expo Center.
Digital exhibition, linking global professional buyers
Double track exhibition, empowering the industry

Take full advantage of Indonesia's fast-growing economy and infrastructure development opportunities, showcase the latest products and get ten times the display effect through digital exhibition, explore the possibility of establishing business contacts with professional buyers from Indonesia, ASEAN and around the world. In this era of opportunity, attending The Smart Home Selection Show is an important step to connect with the Indonesian market, expand your business and achieve success.

Double track exhibition, empowering the industry
Unique highlights of the exhibition
The world's first new exhibition model that combines online VR and offline, with a tenfold increase in exhibition performance, leading a new trend in future business!

Amplify Brand Presence Tenfold

Online marketing extends brand exposure through digital avenues like social media and search engines. Simultaneously, offline marketing heightens brand visibility in the physical world, with exhibitions, events, and more.

Supercharge Customer Engagement Tenfold

Online marketing excels at delivering brand information to specific target customer groups through precise ad targeting and data analysis. Meanwhile, offline marketing fosters deeper relationships through personal, face-to-face interactions and communication.

Elevate Brand Image Tenfold

Online marketing shapes brand image through websites and social media platforms, engaging target customers. Offline marketing spotlights product and service value at exhibitions, elevating the brand's professional image.

Enhance Buying Experience Tenfold

Online marketing offers convenient purchase channels for immediate consumer needs. Offline marketing provides physical displays and trial opportunities, enabling consumers to fully understand products and receive personalized purchase guidance.

Accelerate Deal Closing Tenfold

Online interactions lay a robust foundation for collaboration, while offline meetings facilitate in-depth discussions of cooperative intentions. The synergy between online and offline expedites the cooperation process.

Augment Digital Proficiency Tenfold

Achieve precise buyer identification by seamlessly integrating data from online marketing and offline exhibitors, at the Jakarta International Expo in Indonesia.

VR +Digital Exhibition, Register now and start a new chapter in your business!
Who participates?
Major industry professionals from around the world
Professional Architectural Designer
Production Equipment Designer
Hotel Practitioners
Major Retailers and Distributors
Top Buyers from Various Regions in Indonesia and ASEAN Countries
Exhibitor distribution
Leading architectural design companies, manufacturers, and import and export traders
Design & Construction Companies
Owners/Real Estate Developers
Interior Designers
Importers, Exporters & Traders
Construction Companies & Engineers
Surface Finishing Companie
Professionals Quotes
Exhibition Process
Apply for exhibition → Confirmation of booth → Set up VR exhibition hall → Pre-show social media brand marketing → Offline exhibition → Post-show buyers' continuous interaction
Establishing cooperative relationships with professional buyers from various regions of Indonesia and ASEAN countries
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